Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lab 2 reflection of St. Mary's lab: run, gallop, hop

Our second day back at St. Mary's was chaotic. All of the children seemed to not want to listen or follow directions. Although it was difficult at first to grasp the kids attention, eventually we completed the activities we planned for them and all and all everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. My group, the Spectacular 6, first started off in the gym, observing two of the St. Mary's students, Shamus and Casey, on their run, gallop, and hop. while observing both of the students, I came to the conclusion that both of them are cable of performing each activity; however, Shamus was, in general, a better mover than Casey. He was able to perform different locomotor skills with the correct movements more than Casey was. For instance, Shamus’s arms were bent and at waist level while he was galloping, while Casey’s were not. Once we observed both students, my group then prepared our game and played it with the kids. The game we played with the kids was Stinky Letter Stew and they LOVED it. Every child was participating and really trying to do all of the different locomotor skills. This game was not only great for performing different skills, but the kids were constantly moving and at the same time they were working on their literacy with having to identify all the different letters. Even though the day was off to a rough start, by the end of the lab, everyone had enjoyed themselves, learned something new and was smiling, which is all that matters.

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