Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lab 5 reflection at St. Mary's: Dribble (b-ball) and kick

The activities/games that we prepared for the students at St. Mary’s, I feel, were more than appropriate. All the games we played focused on different motor skills and it was apparent on whether or not the children were able to perform the skill or not. I thought that all the skills that were incorporated in the games/activities were age appropriate for the children and they were all skills that were attainable to the students. Some students were not able to perform the skills as well as the other students, but that was known to happen, as everyone develops differently and no one child is the same. Another reason why I felt that the games were appropriate for the students was week by week we continued to see the kids having fun and participating. Had the activities not been appropriate, then the students would not have as much fun.

Some limitations to games or activities when using them in the process of assessing motor skills would be making sure that the game is age appropriate with all the students. Also, if a particular skill is being assessed then it can be difficult to choose a game pertaining just to that skill. For instance, if you are looking at kick as a skill, then you are limited to using games that only involve kicking or you can modify the game, but that can present a challenge sometimes.

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